1. a guide to the white girl’s “sexy” dance


    • sway hips in a figure 8 motion
    • do this while bending the knees into a squat position
    • come back up
    • raise arms above head
    • look at armpit seductively
    • put hands in hair
    • don’t pay attention to the beat
    • at all
    • this is your dancefloor
    • you rule the school, Megan
    • swing those hips, you sexy bitch

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    when u try to caffeinate yourself and just end up increasing ur heart rate with no discernible changes in levels of exhaustion  


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    why get a job when you can get hit by cars and sue the drivers 

    And then you get injured and possibility die? I don’t think so.

    get rich or die tryin dont you know the fuckin motto

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    A Democratic Missouri state senator representing parts of Ferguson who tweeted multiple times “fuck you,” at Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon defended her choice of words on Fox News Monday saying she did so because she was tear-gassed for three days.

    “The reason why I used profane language is because he has allowed us to get tear-gassed for three days,” Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal said. “I am one of his senators in his party and he was at the state fair enjoying a country concert while we were getting teargassed and shot at. And yes, anyone who’s going to get teargassed deserves to say a few ‘F’ bombs here and there.”

    “I represent my constituents, not Gov. Nixon,” the senator said. “He has been absent from the minority community his entire career and only comes before us when it is politically expedient for him. Or when he’s running for office, and because he has been outside of this community…let me tell you this, and this is important for your audience to know. He has still yet to come to ground zero. Yet to come to ground zero. He’s been in Florissant, he’s been in Normandy, but he has not spoken to the victims of the crisis we are dealing with and that is why I have called him a coward.”


    real shit

    run for president

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  5. In case anyone is having a bad night:



    Here is the fudgiest brownie in a mug recipe I’ve found

    Here are some fun sites

    Here is a master post of Adventure Time episodes and comics

    Here is a master post of movies including Disney and Studio Ghibli

    Here is a master post of other master posts to TV shows and movies

    *tucks you in with fuzzy blanket* *pats your head*

    You’ll be okay, friend <3

    i will reblog this everytime it shows up because any of my followers could have a bad night right now

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    this show is incredible

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    California reppin bro

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    I’ve got


    aint one

    This has more notes than i ever hoped for and i still only have 99 followers

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    why does this make me feel mad

    Because he’s considered powerful, and she’s considered a whore.

    *shots fired*

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